Wiki table widgets allow you to embed tabular data into a wiki, enabling quick access to files or data. There are two ways to embed tabular data into a wiki: either paste the data directly, or select data from existing tables or file views in Synapse.

Paste Tabular Data

To embed tabular data in a wiki page, navigate to the wiki and select Wiki Tools, then Edit Wiki. From the Insert menu in the wiki editing window, select Table: Paste Tabular Data. In the next window, paste tab delimited data and click Save.

Select Data from a Synapse Table or View

If you uploaded a table or created a view in Synapse, you can use the Table: Query on a Synapse Table/View widget to add the entire table or view to your wiki. You can also choose to add only a subset of your table or view using a SQL-like query.

Focus Scope

In the example below, a specific subset of data from a file view is embedded in a wiki. This file view contains both RNA-Seq and SNP genomic data, as depicted in the file view scope shown in the image below. The scope can be restricted to RNA-Seq data with additional queries on the embedded table. This example will demonstrate how to highlight .fastq and .bam RNA-Seq files in an embedded wiki table, so that team members have a clear path to access files for reproducible studies.

Restrict a Query

A table query is required to embed table or file view data into your wiki. In this example, the parent file view is a combination of multiple assay types, and the query is restricted to isolate relevant RNA-Seq entries. Additionally, the columns can be limited to ensure only imperative information is visible in the wiki.

In this example query below, only the columns for ID, version, file format, assay type, genome build, and date modified will be displayed from syn17097374. From that data, only data where assay type is recorded as rnaSeq and file format is bam or fastq will be shown in the wiki table.

SELECT id,currentVersion,fileFormat,assay,genomeBuild,modifiedOn FROM syn17097374 WHERE "assay" = 'rnaSeq' AND "fileFormat" = 'bam' OR "fileFormat" = 'fastq'

Embed Table

Navigate to Wiki Tools to Edit Project Wiki or to Folder Tools to Edit Folder Wiki. From the wiki editing window, select Insert and Table:Query on a Synapse Table/View to insert the intended file view query. The result is a direct link to relevant files from a wiki page. Add narrative text to provide additional information or context for this view.

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