Versioning is a way to save new copies of your work each time you make a change. Each saved copy allows you to go back and retrieve a snapshot of your work at a specific point in time. Versioning is essential to reproducible research because it allows you to record when your data changed and how. You can also reference a specific version of your data and share it with others so that they can reproduce your results.

Synapse supports versioning for files, tables, and views. The rules for how files are versioned are different than tables and views:

  • Files are versioned automatically. Each time you modify a file, Synapse will create a new version for you. Read more about how files are versioned in Versioning Files.

  • Tables and views must be versioned manually. Making changes to a table or view will not automatically save a new version. Instead, you control when to create a new version. Read more in Versioning Tables and Views.

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