Anyone can browse public content on the Synapse data repository. You must register for a Synapse account to download some public information and contribute to discussion forums. Registration is free and requires only an email address.

Once you have created an account, log in to Synapse from a web browser. Your Synapse dashboard displays several tabs to help you navigate and browse content in Synapse.

Profile tab: Displays user information such as your name, email, and password. Edit your profile to add a short bio, your current position, or industry so that other Synapse users can learn more about you. Learn more about managing your Synapse profile.

Projects tab: Displays all of the Synapse projects that you are a part of. Use the search bar within this tab to search for information, or use the filters to view projects that you created, projects that are shared with you, or your favorites.

Challenges tab: Shows the challenges that you are registered for. Challenges are open science, collaborative competitions for evaluating and comparing computational algorithms or solutions to problems.

Teams tab: Lists Synapse teams you created or were invited to join.

Downloads tab: Lists files that you want to download in a zipped package. This list is similar to a shopping cart, where you can add and remove files as you browse Synapse, then check out when you are ready to access the data.

Settings tab: Allows you to make a variety of changes to your profile, user account type, and other controls. Use this tab to upgrade your account type from registered to certified or validated, link to your ORCID, or change your password.

Setting up a Project, Files and Folders, Getting Started with Synapse API Clients, Sharing Settings and Permissions

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