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Finding and Downloading Data

You can find and download files from the Synapse web interface or by using one of the programmatic clients.

If you are downloading files from the web, you can either download single files at once, or you can add multiple files to a download cart, which is similar to an online shopping cart. There is a catch with downloading from the web—the maximum size of a download is 5 GB, or a maximum of 100 files if using the download cart.

(plus) For instructions on downloading from the web, see Downloading Data From the Synapse UI.

(plus) For instructions on downloading larger files in greater numbers using one of our programmatic clients, see Downloading Data Programmatically.

Finding Data

Before you can download data of interest, you need to find it. Do so by navigating to the project, file, or folder that you wish to download, either through the projects list, or by using the global search bar.

Once you’re in a project, click the Files tab. This is where you’ll find all the files for this project, possibly nested within folders.

Finding a Subset of Data

Another, more specific, way of finding data of interest is by searching tables, views, or datasets. This can allow you to find data that is spread across multiple folders or projects, to find just the right subset of data that you care about.

(plus) Find more information on this at Querying Tables, Views, and Datasets.

Accessing Data

Before you can download a file from Synapse, you must determine whether you have access to it. Click on a file name and look for the Access status, followed by:

  • an unlock (🔓) icon - you have access, OR

  • a lock (🔒) icon - you don’t have access

To gain access, contact the project owner or click Request Access.

(plus) To learn more about data access, see Data Access Types.

Downloading Data

Next, learn how to download data from the Synapse UI or programmatically.

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