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Teams allow you to easily manage groups of users to control access to projects, communicate with colleagues, and participate in challenges. On this page you will learn how to:

  • Create and manage a team

  • Invite users to join a team

  • Find teams, and identify and manage the teams to which you belong

  • Use teams for communications and project permissions

  • Submit to a challenge as a team

To see all teams that you belong to, click on the Teams icon in the Synapse toolbar.

Creating a Team

From the Teams page, click Create a New Team. If the team name already exists, you will be prompted to enter a new team name.

Once the team is created, you will be taken to the team page, where you can invite members, change settings, edit, or delete the team. By default, the creator of the team is the team manager and has permissions to perform these changes. The team manager may designate additional managers by changing the setting next to the users’ name.

Managing a Team

As a team manager, you may invite or delete team members and edit team settings from the team page. The Tools menu button in the upper right corner of the page will provide tasks you can perform for managing a team.

(plus) Find more information on managing privacy settings at Managing Data Access With Teams.

Inviting or Removing Users

Using the Invite User option, you can find and invite registered Synapse users to join your team. You can search by Synapse username, or a user’s first and last name if they have entered it. Users will be sent an email indicating they have been invited to join the team and must confirm the invitation prior to being included.

You can also invite users by email. They will receive an email indicating they have been invited to join the team and must confirm the invitation prior to being included. If they have a Synapse account associated with the email address, they will be able to log in and join the team. If they do not have a Synapse account associated with the email address, they will be prompted to create one prior to joining the team.

You may also remove team members by clicking the Remove button next to a member, or promote additional team members to team manager, by clicking the option list below the member.

Editing Team Settings

Using this option, you can edit the team name, description, icon, and other settings. This includes allowing users to join the team without a team manager’s permission (the default is to require team manager’s permission). You can also change team email preferences. This setting can allow Synapse users who are not in the team to email the team.

Deleting a Team

Use the Delete Team option to delete all references to the team. If a team has Synapse content shared within it (see “Communications and project permissions” below), the team cannot be deleted.

Finding Teams

You may search for Synapse teams using the Search All Teams button on the Teams tab of your User Profile Page. You may also search teams using the general search box in the header of each Synapse page by prefacing the search with @ (e.g. @PCBC), or use the Team Search Page.

Joining a Team

If you do not belong to a team, you may still view the team members and contact information, as well as request to join the team via the Request to Join Team button on the team page.

Leaving a Team

At the top right corner of the team page, click Team Actions, followed by Leave Team. If you want to re-join the team, you may need the team manager’s permission to join.

Searching for Team Members

You may search among team members by name or Synapse user name using the search box on the lower right side of the team page.

Communications and Project Permissions

Each team has an email address that can be used to message the team members. This address is found on the team page. Each team member will be reached at the email address they have registered with Synapse.

Teams can help you manage Sharing Settings for files, folders and projects. From the Share button, add teams in addition to individuals. Each member of the team will receive the Sharing Setting specified for the team.

Submitting to a Challenge as a Team

When participating in a Synapse challenge, you may submit solutions as an individual or as a team. The team must be registered with the challenge, which can be done by clicking the Register a Team button, typically on the Forming a Team page on the challenge wiki. When submitting a file to a challenge from the web client, you will be given the option to submit the file as part of a team. You will then be asked to select from the registered teams of which you are a member, or register an existing team with the challenge, and to verify which team members contributed to the solution. Note that only members who have already registered with the challenge may be selected.

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