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Jan - April 2021


Annotations [PLFM-6530] - Entities can be annotated using boolean datatypes. You can now validate Synapse annotations with boolean datatypes using JSON schema.

Personal access tokens for Python and R clients [SYNPY-1058] - Synapse now supports login using access tokens if you use the Python or R programmatic clients. Using a token is preferred over a username and password because tokens can be more easily revoked if they are compromised. Additionally, tokens can be scoped to limit their access within Synapse, rather than a username and password that automatically grant full access to your account.

Evaluation Queues [CHL-13] - The user interface for scheduling challenge rounds and submission limits is now easier to use. Submission rounds are defined by an explicit start and end date that you define from a calendar, and optional submission limits can be set to daily, weekly, or monthly.

New Synapse homepage - The Synapse homepage looks better than ever before, and now includes links to community-specific knowledge portals driven by Synapse.

New Synapse Docs portal - Synapse Docs has a new home at This update completely redesigns our docs portal and adds improved site architecture, navigation, release notes, and search. We’ve also updated our most popular articles, bringing you more up-to-date instructions that are easier to read.

Looking for detailed updates on the Synapse programmatic clients? Visit the Release Notes section of the Python docs and R docs.

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